Hello Parents,
Well the Parenting with Presence Summit is over but you still have time to listen to the replays from Friday with Harville Hendrix and Helen LaKelly HuntSeane CornKathering Woodward Thomas and Trudy Goodman and Kathy Eldon. Just go to the Program Page and click on any of the Friday sessions in the sidebar. That will open up that session for you so you can access the online replay.I want to thank you for participating in our first parenting summit and making a commitment to being the best parent (grandparent, caregiver, friend, etc.) for the children in your life.And I want to send a big wave of appreciation to our partner and host for this summit, Susan Stiffelman. She did such a fantastic job of rounding up such an awesome array of parenting experts and getting them to share so many valuable insights, strategies, tools and resources for you.

Susan is taking a well deserved weekend off! But she did send me this beautiful thank you note she wanted to share with you:

Dear friends, 

Thank you so much for being part of the Parenting With Presence summit! We had thousands of people from over eighty countries register for this event, all focused on growing more fully into being and becoming the best version of their parenting selves. What a week it has been! 

For years I have wanted to explore the potential for growth that arises when we embrace our day to day parenting lives as integral to our personal or spiritual development. The Parenting With Presence summit fulfilled a long-held dream of just that, providing the opportunity to engage with brilliant teachers who each brought their unique knowledge, insight and experience about parenting with consciousness to all of us. I was humbled, I was awed, and I was profoundly affected by the conversations I was able to have with such extraordinary people. 

Each and every speaker brought so much to our dialogues. Marci Shimoff shared practical exercises that parents can do with their children to raise their happiness set point, regardless of genetics or circumstances. Thupten Jinpa spoke with great candor about embracing family life after being a Tibetan monk. Marianne Williamson eloquently spoke about bringing spirituality into our every day parenting life. Katherine Woodward Thomas offered guidance for consciously uncoupling in a way that preserves a child’s sense of safety and well being. I could go on and on. After each and every call, I sat quietly, simply absorbing the richness of what had been shared. I can’t wait to listen again so I can absorb even more. 

I hope you, too, have been inspired to apply what you have learned this week to your own parenting life. Thank you again for taking part in the summit. I am grateful for your participation, inspired by your passion, and filled with joy at having been allowed to learn more about parenting with wholehearted and loving presence. 

With gratitude and joy, 


Thank you again!

EdMills2012.jpg Warm regards,Edward MillsDirector of Telesummits
The Shift Network


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