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What do celebrities, leading executives, and busy professionals all have in common? Cambridge Nanny Group.  We’re the nanny solution for a new generation of parents. We do things differently. Cambridge Nanny Group is the first and only agency to offer Nanny View Virtual Interviews. View pre-recorded virtual interviews from your computer 24/7. Hear candidate responses in their own voice and in their own words. Only meet with the pre-selected candidates you choose. View before meeting – it’s that simple. We’re revolutionizing the nanny selection process. Why spend hours browsing through classified ads and searching the Internet nanny databases when you don’t have to?  Modern solutions for busy modern families. Don’t you love it?  

The success of Cambridge Nanny Group is built on listening to, respecting, understanding and then delivering for parents an exceptional childcare solution. We are a nanny agency dedicated to recruiting only the most dedicated and qualified nannies and connecting them with great families. Our nannies have the credentials, compassion, and experience to help give you the peace of mind that only top quality child care can provide. This is what sets Cambridge Nanny Group apart.

Every family is different, and no two families have the exact same childcare needs. Our expertise rests in our ability to help identify and understand the specific needs and goals of each family. Cambridge Nanny recruits candidates nationally and refers for placement only candidates who can enhance and enrich your child’s life.

The Selection Process

Using expert recruitment methodologies, we are able to attract only the best and brightest – highly experienced career nannies, college graduates, and educators.

We screen Nannies for characteristics such as honesty, consideration, pride in their work, intelligence, motivation, reliability, neatness, promptness, experience, compassion, and more. Our nannies possess warm, loving, patient, and nurturing personalities and are guaranteed to be the solution to your child care needs.

To ensure that we find the best possible caregivers, we conduct a rigorous screening that includes a psychological assessment and thorough structured behavioral interviews and multiple background checks and investigations. This is why Cambridge Nanny Group leads the industry by providing the most selective, comprehensive, and detailed screening process of any nanny agency.

Candidate Assessments

We make it easier for you to make solid hiring decision.   We take an extremely scientific approach to identifying the very best nannies and domestic staff.   We may know how detrimental a bad hire can be to a family, and how a great hire can transform your life, virtually overnight.  We searched high and low for a better assessment tool for our clients.  There were a number of tools on the market, but none of them stacked up. Either they were designed to measure the person but not the job (think personality tests), their reports were ridiculously long and made your head spin, or they were completely unscientific.   Our scientific approach to hiring makes better hires.  Period.

Recorded Virtual Interviews

Cambridge Nanny Group offers Video Interviews as the first step in your hiring process. It’s a better way to connect with potential candidates and meet your next nanny. We know hardly anyone likes the interview process, so we are here to help you save time and stress associated with the first interview! Most of all, we don’t want to leave you stuck in a hiring process because of schedules, time zones and anything else that can come up.

We will send you videos of candidates who match your job requirements so you can view their interview in the comfort of your home or office.  Weeks of waiting for scheduling and coordinating in-person interviews are shortened or eliminated with recorded virtual interviews.  You may choose to pass on certain candidates or invite others to a formal in-person interview.

  • Save Time and Money
  • Reduce Time-to-Hire
  • Increase Candidate Pool
  • Meet with only the preselected candidates you have chosen
  • Greater privacy and control.
  • Be Green and Reduce Environmental Impact


Peace of Mind

Choosing the best solution for your childcare needs can be an exhausting process. We at Cambridge Nanny Group understand that the care of your child is one of the most important choices you will ever make, and we go above and beyond in making sure that you are provided with only the best childcare professionals. Cambridge Nanny Group takes the worry and the hassle out of drafting up your own Nanny/Family contract. Our extensive “Terms of Employment” agreement outlines every aspect of the nanny/family relationship and serves as an important tool in setting expectations and encouraging open communication. We believe in respecting the privacy and confidentiality of our clients at all times. To ensure the confidentiality of our clients it is mandatory for all applicants registered with our agency to sign non-disclosure/privacy agreements.


Product Partners

We have partnered with some of the best kid and family-friendly brands in the world.   Our partner’s are committed to offering the highest quality products and services to children and families and  passionate about their local communities.  Our clients have exclusive access to giveaways, product samples, discounts, events…and much more!


Ongoing Support

Your relationship with Cambridge Nanny Group does not end once your Nanny is placed. Your Nanny Placement Specialist will stay in touch to make sure the transition is smooth and is available to answer any questions you may have throughout the durations of your Nanny’s tenure with your family. You will also receive a subscription to our monthly newsletter with lots of great parenting tips and family friendly activities.

Nanny Training and Development

Through the Cambridge Nanny Group Institute, your nanny will have access to training and development opportunities. Significant growth in any profession comes from formal training, which gives your nanny an array of tools and skills that they can use to better serve you and your children. Better yet, the most valuable learning happens through informal mentoring and guidance from nanny placement specialists, who will remain in close communication with your family.

Cambridge Care Group Inc. is a licensed and bonded nanny agency and accredited by the Better Business Bureau.

Get started today and find the solution to all of your child-care needs!