On-Site Event and Conference Childcare

We have the experience to provide childcare solutions for corporate events, corporate picnics and parties, conventions, trade shows, and conferences. We operate events throughout the year. Make your event a success.  Increase attendance by offering childcare – your attendees will thank you.

Our Solutions – Family Friendly Benefits

Whether you’re trying to improve return to work rates, reduce childcare related absenteeism, increase attendence and success of your conferences and events, or improve relocation success, we can help.

There are a number of ways an employer can provide tangible and practical support for working mothers and fathers. We offer a complete range of services for working parent.

Relocating Families

Moving jobs and cultures can be enjoyable and rewarding, although child and family issues that can result from relocating are the single biggest reason for unsuccessful assignments. Our individual relocation services include:

  • Temporary Nannies for Exploratory Visits
  • Childcare Relocation
  • Spouse Coaching and Partner Support

Backup Childcare

This service allows working parents to access nannies and baby nurses at short notice.  Whether at home or traveling we can provide an effective solution that meets a parents need.   We partner with the following organizations: