What is a Virtual Recorded Interview?

Now you can interview as many candidates as you want with a click of a button—anytime, anywhere! With Cambridge Nanny Group’s Nanny Virtual Interview System, you can meet candidates 24/7 from anywhere in the world, eliminating scheduling hassles and wasting time meeting candidates who are not the right fit.  A modern solution for modern families.

Virtual Interviews frees you to:

  • View pre-recorded  virtual interviews worldwide, 24/7
  • Screen more candidates in less time
  • Review and prescreen candidates at your convenience.
  • Hear candidate responses in their own voice and in their own words.
  • You’re in the driver’s seat in the selection process.
  • Maintain your privacy and only meet with candidates who you have selected.

How long will it take to find a nanny?

  • Although our staff will do our very best to identify a nanny for you as quickly as possible, we recommend that you launch your nanny search eight (8) weeks in advance of the desired start date.   Availability, seasonality,  desired skills, and job required  can impact your  nanny selection.   Please keep in mind the vast majority of nannies are seeking full-time employment.   If you are seeking a part-time nanny (less than 40 hours per week), your pool of candidates will be limited and you should plan for a longer recruitment cycle.

What is your service guarantee?

We want our customer to be satisfied with every nanny they choose from us, period. We achieve this by encouraging trial working interviews so you can “try before you buy.” When it comes to knowing if a nanny is right for you, nothing can beat a trial working interview where you can observe the nanny first hand to ensure a well thought out decision.

On the rare occasions a family is not satisfied, or the nanny is unable to meet your needs or expectations, we are happy to replace the nanny and offer interim coverage options until a suitable replacement is identified.   If you have any questions I encourage you to call our office to discuss.  We are here for you and always happy to help!

Do you offer Refunds?

Yes, only under certain circumstances.  If the employer pays the fee, and the employee fails to remain in the position for a period of 30 days, such licensee shall refund to the employer all fees, less an amount equal to 25% of the total salary or wages paid such employee during the period of such employment, within 3 days after the licensed person has been notified of the employee’s failure to remain in the employment, provided such 25% does not exceed the amount charged for a permanent position of like nature.   )Ill. Rev. Stat., ch. 111, sect. 901-918; Ill. Adm. Code Title 68: Professions & Occupations; Ch. III: Department of Labor: Part 680 -Rules and Regulations Relating to the Operation of Private Employment Agencies).  In plain language, if the nanny  elects to leave the position within thirty (30) days a refund is granted. If the family  elects to terminate the nanny within thirty (30) days a refund is not granted but we are delighted to replace the candidate.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to call or e-mail us. If you’d like to get started on finding a great nanny today, please fill out the family application.