Cambridge Nanny Group matches great nannies with families who offer competitive salaries, great benefits, and fulfilling positions. This page will take you through our comprehensive recruitment process.

When You Apply

The first step in the process is to fill out our online application. After submitting, you will receive a confirmation acknowledging our receipt of your application. Our recruiters review each application to identify those individuals possessing the background and education that most closely meet our current recruitment needs. If you are selected as a candidate, a recruiter will contact you to discuss the next steps in the process. If you are not selected as a candidate for the specific job opportunity that you expressed interest in, you may still be contacted about other opportunities in the future. Your personal profile will remain on record and can be updated at any time via our online application portal.



If you are selected as a candidate, you will be asked to interview with one of our nanny recruiters, and possibly other Cambridge staff as well. These interviews typically are conducted in one day at our office.  While in our office will be asked to take our on-line Nanny Assessment Questionnaire to help us assist you in finding the most promising matching families whose goals, values, and personality traits most compliment you.

Film Virtual Interview

Cambridge Nanny Group offers virtual introductions to our client families.  You will be asked to record your virtual introduction, although participation is completely optional.  It’s a better way to connect with potential families and land your next job. We know that hardly anyone likes the interview process, so we are here to help you save time and stress associated with the first interview! Most of all, we don’t want to leave you stuck in a hiring process because of scheduling, time zones, and anything else that can come up. Some advantages include:

  • Client families meet you quickly – via video.
  • Safe and Secure.
  • Password protected.
  • Video cannot be downloaded, forwarded, or embedded.
  • Save time and money by virtually eliminating interview expenses
  • Greater privacy and control.
  • Be Green and Reduce Environmental Impact
  • Confidently walk into your in-person interview.
Information on how to prepare for your video can be found here.

Family Interviews

Client families will be able to view your video within 24-48 hours.  Your patience is appreciated, as families will thoroughly review all information for their final selection process and family matches. The recruiter will communicate to you when a family is interested in meeting you. Cambridge Nanny Group will coordinate your interview with the family.

After the Family Interviews

If you receive an offer of employment, you will be given details on the compensation package, benefits, and additional information to help you make a well informed decision. If you have questions on the offer, you are encouraged to contact the recruiter.

If you are not selected for a position, we will keep you in our database and reconsider you if other positions open up that we feel would fit your particular skill set.

Thank you for your interest in Cambridge Nanny Group, and we look forward to meeting you!