What exactly makes an employee great? These top things are guides to bosses looking for greatness in a new hire – whether it be a domestic employee  (nanny, house manager, housekeeper) or a corporate staffer – the sought after qualities are the same.

The first thing that makes an employee great is that they are always dependable. Great employees do the job they are supposed to do every time, and no one has to worry that they don’t deliver the goods.  They show up on time with bells on. A great employee can be counted to always have their work done right, when it is supposed to be done – it is a forgone conclusion that they will, and no one else has to spend any time worrying about it.

The second thing to look for in a great employee is that they are a team player. A great employee isn’t one who is constantly looking for attention or hogs the spotlight. Instead, a great employee works with everyone else to make sure that the things that need to get done do get done, for the good of everyone.

The third mark of employee greatness is that they know how to take direction without being defensive.  Great employees know how to take criticism, direction and advice gracefully and make it work for them when doing their job.

Fourthly, a great employee can be trusted. They don’t spread gossip and they don’t attempts to stir things up and get under everyone’s skin.   This kind of employee zaps morale and  – a great employee is a good co-worker to everyone.

In fifth place comes the fact that a great employee gets along with their employer, other employees, and everyone they come in contact with during their workday.

The sixth thing a great employee has is good working skills. It may sound obvious, but a great employee has the abilities needed to do their job, and they constantly seek ways to improve. Great workers have great skills and they check their work for quality.

The eighth thing that leads to employee greatness is tact and decorum. If there is a problem, a great employee doesn’t make a scene in front of everyone else.   A great employee will deal with such issues with privacy and diplomacy at the appropriate time.

The ninth thing an employee must have is passion. Are you passionate about your job? Do you actually like getting up in the morning to go to work? Do you believe in what you do? Do you actually believe you’ll make a difference? Do you actually care about the service you provide? If you can answer yes to all of those questions, you got it, if not, you have some soul searching to do. A great employee will love their work, if you don’t then why do it?

Last but not least, a great employee has a great attitude. Bad attitudes bring everyone down. A great employee helps make work great for everyone else by having a good spirit about their job.

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