At Cambridge Nanny Group we promote attachment nanny practices that create strong, healthy bonds between children and their caregivers.   Attachment practices fulfill a child’s need for trust, empathy, and affection that provides the foundation for a lifetime of healthy relationships and choices.   We believe choosing an attachment focused caregiver is an investment in your child’s emotional future.

A recent study says four out of 10 babies born in the United States will not form a strong enough bond with their caregivers and the lack of “secure attachment” will cause effects throughout the children’s lives, such as educational, emotional, and  behavior problems.  The bonds are formed during simple actions, such as comforting crying babies and responding to their needs.

This is an issue for families from all social classes. There are many families whose children will never know the street life of the inner-city child, yet are still at risk of emotional deprivation.

The researchers from Princeton University, Columbia University, the London School of Economics and Political Science and the University of Bristol all contributed to the new study published by Sutton Trust, which publishes papers on education and social mobility. The study can be downloaded from the Sutton Trust’s site.