Tomorrow  our nanny personality test partner, Criteria Corp,  will release an exciting upgrade to our  Employee Personality Profile (EPP) a part of our nanny personality testing platform.  The enhanced version of the EPP Test will be include the following enhancements:

12 traits instead of 10. In addition to the ten existing traits, we’ve added two new ones: Openness and Stability. These are two of the “Big Five” traits that will already be familiar to HireSelect users who use the Criteria Personality Inventory (CPI). Detailed descriptions of these traits are on the sample score report for the enhanced EPP.

Redesigned  score report. We updated the graphics and layout of the EPP score report to make it cleaner and more intuitive.

Job-specific benchmarks.  The most important improvement is that we’ve added a series of job-specific benchmarks to the EPP score report.  These benchmarks suggest how closely someone’s personality profile fits with each specific job.  Each benchmark includes suggested score ranges for 4-6 traits relevant to performance and job fit for a particular position.


Individuals are assigned a “job match” score for each position based on how closely their trait scores compare to the benchmark.  These benchmarks are based on composite profiles we created through validity studies and by analyzing hundreds of thousands of EPP results.  By clicking on the position for which a candidate is applying, we’ll get an indication of how closely a candidate’s personality profile matches the typical profile for people who are successful and comfortable in a given position.


We understand that choosing a nanny is the most important hiring decision a parent will ever make. Coupling our robust background check and vetting processes with scientific driven pre-employment testing allows client families to be completely confident and feel safe about their hiring decisions.  We are excited about this new upgrade as it further helps families increase their chances of hiring reliable, dedicated,  emotionally stable, and trustworthy employees.