I recently shared my daughter’s first ballet class experience with the readers of Today.com.  Read here. 

When my young daughters (ages 4 and 5) started a twinkle toes ballet  last year they were over the moon with excitement.  The frilly tutu’s, pink leotards and ballet slippers felt a lot like dress up – and they loved it. The first few classes they left beaming but by class number three the honeymoon period was over and they had lost all interest in twirling streamers and dancing along to music.  They were done, bored, and ready for something new.

They pleaded with me not to go each Saturday but I had them finish the remaining 7 weeks. Every Saturday we went, begrudgingly.  I recognized this was an important lesson in building character and good work ethics.

We’ve taken a hiatus from taking classes right now but my oldest daughter has expressed a strong interest in learning the piano. I can tell you I learned a lot from the ballet fiasco.  This time around before committing to a new hobby I want to make sure my daughters are really ready.   We’ve been visiting a piano weekly so she can freestyle it.  I’ve identified a teacher who can meet her learning style. I’m making sure she really understands the commitment required to learn to play piano because once we sign up she’ll be committed to it for one year.

I’ll continue to keep you posted on our journey with future hobbies and sports on  this blog.


Ingrid Kellaghan


Cambridge Nanny Group