We’ve recently wrapped filming Cambridge Nanny Group commercials and I’d like to take the time to thank some very special people:

Kevin – It all started with you giving us the Green Light. Thank you for championing our project.

Danielle – Where do we begin to say, “Thank you”? I’ll start with: wonderful, talented, poised, dedicated, and gorgeous inside and out. (Fans: you may recognize Danielle from her Volkswagen commercials. Yes, she’s THE Volkswagen girl.)

Drew: Thank your running the camera. You rocked it!

Jameson – Man of many talents and hats. You not only rounded out our production team but was instrumental in a successful shoot. Uber gratitude.

Jessica – | Hair Stylist | Makeup Artist. You are gifted at making people shine! Always a pleasure and your sweet presence brought such a beautiful energy to the set. Thank you

Danny and Nolan – You are digital geniuses. Thank you for all your hard work on our i-projects and thank you in advance for your post-production work on our website.

Macy’s Department store – Thank you for such beautiful dresses.
Ingrid – Executive Producer.

In my career I’ve always taken big risks. I believe your reality is what you make it and you have to make it happen for yourself, however, there seemed to be something greater than ourselves that brought this project and talent together. Thank you God.

Thank you to our brilliant technical team. A special thank you to our dedicated and hard working corporate staff. You joined Cambridge Nanny Group because you believed in the company’s vision and mission. You never worry about what others are doing – you are committed to pushing the envelope. Always forging into unknown territory. You’ve worked har It’s because of you Cambridge Nanny Group has earned success. Competitors can never duplicate our magic or passion for our own respective life’s work. I drive to work each and every day excited to come to work. I’ve dreamed of this for a very long time and thank you for helping make it a reality.

Thank you everyone for your phenomenal job well done.

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