Introducing Cambridge Nanny Group Institute

It’s your career. And the only way to stay successful is to stay on top of your game. At Cambridge Nanny Group our business is our people. That’s why we make an unwavering commitment to investing in the development of  talent. With leading-edge learning programs that are relevant to your day-to-day job, your opportunities for growth are customized to your needs. This is your chance to learn from today’s experts. Where will you take it?

Cambridge Nanny Institute provides a wide range of classroom and e-learning courses designed to enhance your skills and advance your career. We reject a one-size-fits-all approach to learning, because we know it can only lead to one-size-fits-all nannies. Our learning programs are designed to identify your personal strengths and development areas, and then offer opportunities to help you reach the next level across a broad range of childcare, household management, professional, and personal development capabilities. Competency assessments, customized development paths, and specialized curriculum provide the framework for meeting your personal performance and career goals.

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