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America loves its British Imports. Think: The Beatles, Nigela Lawson, Jamie Oliver, and JK Rowling. The current British sensation is Baby Guru Rachel Waddilove. Many Americans may have not heard of her….. yet.

Rachel Waddilove has cared for thousands of babies and her client families include British Royals, Member’s of Parliament , and the most famous and wealthiest families in the world – like the beautiful actress Gwyneth Paltrow and rocker husband Chris Martin .

Why do those who can afford the very best newborn care seek her out? Rachel says, “It’s my down to earth practical advice based on my (40) years experience as a nurse, as a mother, and a grandmother.” She is no nonsense, humble, endearing, warm, and reassuringly calm. Her remarkably soothing voice – alone – could quite possibly soothe the fussiest baby.

Rachel’s life mission is not only caring for the babies but transferring her knowledge to the parents. She says, “I help Mom’s and Dad’s by teaching and guiding them. I am like an older sister or Mom. Many parents fear they are doing something wrong or not doing it right,” and their trepidation can eclipse the joy of the newborn experience. “I give them confidence”, she explains.

Rachel provides hands-on live-in 24-hour care for newborns for durations that last anywhere from 1 day to 6 weeks. Recently, however, she’s focused her attention on running a Baby and Childcare consultancy business called “Rachel’s Babies”. She has also written two books – ‘The Baby Book – How to Enjoy Year One’ and ‘ The Toddler Book – How to Enjoy your Growing Child ‘.

Rachel also provides telephone consultations too for new parents, expectant parents, and all who want the best care for their children. Brilliant! “It is amazing that phone consultations work so well”, says Rachel. “We talk through the problems and address all areas” including: needs for the nursery, coming home from hospital, breast feeding vs bottle feeding, establishing a routine, sleep, crying, and introducing solid food.

Rachel works very early on getting babies into a sleep pattern and regular feedings “It’s important that a baby has a full tummy. A baby without a full tummy won’t sleep. If a mother is breastfeeding and not producing enough milk by the end of the day I may suggest topping off with formula to ensure the baby is full” , says Rachel.

She pioneers her own approach of a unique routine which meets the needs of the parents and other children. She teaches babies to settle themselves as early as possible which means swaddling them (properly) and allowing them to wind down with what she smartly calls a “good shout”.

Gwyneth Paltrow has championed Rachel’s methods, saying “Rachel’s flexible yet structured schedule was just the thing for our daughter. Using Rachel’`s techniques, Apple was sleeping through the night at a six-seven hour stretch by six weeks, which afforded me freedom. She was a very happy and settled baby. I believe this is because Rachel put us in a routine so that Apple always felt that there was a loving structure around her. Rachel’s advice on everything from breastfeeding to parenting was invaluable.” Gwyneth liked Rachel so much she asked her back to care for her second child, Moses.

Although Rachel is in the business of nurturing and caring for others, she also understands the importance of taking time for herself. You can’t give to others what you don’t have yourself. “I am a Christian and my faith is very important”, says Rachel. “That has really been my rock” she explains.

Weekends for Rachel are reserved to refresh and renew. “I make sure to take time off on weekends. You have to have time where you can take a break. On Sunday, I simply do not turn the computer, literally. I use weekends to get refreshed by spending time with my family, friends, or on my own…It’s incredibly important” says Rachel. A message for all of us to remember.

Thank you Rachel for changing the world one baby at a time. Hugs from America.

Rachel lives in Devon, England with her husband John, a retired farmer. If you are interested in learning more about Rachel’s services or if you’re interested in a telephone consultation please visit her website Rachel’s Babies
You can also purchase her books online at Amazon or Barnes and Noble Stay tuned for collaborative events between Cambridge Nanny Group and Rachel. We look forward to bringing her back to America soon.


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