Domestic workers provide essential services in the city’s economic and social life – by taking care of others families’ children, cleaning their homes, doing their laundry, nursing their elderly grandparents, and cooking their meals. The domestic work industry, however, features some of the most unregulated workplaces in America.

Last week I met a nanny from Africa. She is a Live-In Nanny caring for two young children.  She is authorized to work in the United States.  She works 7 days a week.  Her day starts at 6am and ends at 8:30pm.  She earns $425 per week.    This computes to an hourly rate of  $4.92 – far below the minimum wage!

I’ve heard many stories like this over the years and it compelled me to take action.  Cambridge Nanny Group is committed to empowering domestic workers through information and education.  Become informed of your rights by attending a Domestic Labor Law seminar.  The class is open to everyone and free to attend.  Register today by visiting the Life Enrichment Section of .  Education enables people to break out of the poverty trap and enhance the quality of life for themselves, their families,  and their community.


Ingrid Kellaghan

Founder, Cambridge Nanny Group

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