Cambridge Nanny Group is excited to introduce you to our new product  Nurturme.

Unlike other baby foods, Nurturme‘s quick-dried fruits and veggies give you the flexibility to make it the way your baby likes it. Simply add breast milk, whole milk, formula or water in any amount and combination — there is no right or wrong. As your baby’s tastes’ mature, try adding to foods like grains, homemade purees, yogurt and even macaroni and cheese to boost their nutritional value.

You have to check out their recipes for toddlers and preschoolers. Toddlers can be your toughest critics in the kitchen. That’s why NurturMe is the “secret” ingredient for your child’s favorite dishes. You can mix in the nutrients so every bite is filled with natural goodness. Try one of our yummy recipes or create your own — it’s all about making eating fun and nutritious.

We love it and think you will too.  Take a look at the packaging below so you can recognize it the next time you go shopping.  Of course you can always order it online but we recommend that if your local grocer isn’t stocking Nurturme yet, simply ask the store manager to stock it for you.



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