Hello Cambridge Nannies,

My name is Danielle Gervais. I’m a Casting Director with Leftfield Pictures, a New York City-based television production company that creates a number of programs for various cable networks such as ABC, History Channel and National Geographic – including the international smash hit, “Pawn Stars.” We’re currently searching the country for a sassy, fresh and FUNNY female with nanny experience for a light-hearted look into the wild world of nanny-ing! The sitcom-like reality series will take a walk in the nanny’s shoes and be told from her perspective.

From the Producers who brought you History’s #1 hit “Pawn Stars,” “American Restoration,” and “Oddities” on The Science Channel…


Are people constantly telling you that YOUR life needs to be a sitcom?

Do you work for an uber-entertaining family with TONS of personality? OR Are you currently looking to work for a tv-worthy family?

Are you constantly keeping your friends/family laughing with your over-the-top work stories?

If so, we want to hear from YOU!

From the producer’s who brought you the #1 smash hit, “Pawn Stars” comes a fun, light-hearted look into the life of one lovable nanny who has TONS of personality.

If your life is meant for TV and you’re eager to let us walk a mile in your shoes, this may be a great opportunity for you! 

If you’d like to learn more or apply – please contact us TODAY! Please include your name, contact information, a photo and a brief description of yourself and the family you’re currently working for. If you’re not currently working for a family, please include a description of a family you’ve worked for in the past. 


We look forward to hearing from YOU! Feel free to contact us via the info below:


Email: NannyTVCasting@gmail.com OR Danielle.Gervais@leftfieldpictures.com 


Phone: 212.564.2607 Ex. 2365