If the Hundred-Year Rule – which states that it takes a century for most names to come back into fashion – holds true, then we’re in for some interesting times, judging from the list of 100 Most Popular Names of the 1910s.

A handful of the top names in the decade from 1910 to 1920 are already solidly back in style.   Fans of  old fashioned baby names include Tori Spelling who damed her daughter Hattie Margaret McDermott.

” For Hattie we decided to not find out the baby’s sex since we already were blessed with one of each… we were convinced that the baby would be a boy! There was a boy name we both have loved for years and decided on that. We didn’t even think of girl names”, say Tori.

“Well, you know how that turned out! We had a beautiful, no-name baby girl. In recovery afterwards, with her in my arms, I asked Dean to start Googling old-fashioned girl names. He started at ‘A’ and read through the alphabet, both of us shaking our heads the whole time. When he read the name Hattie aloud and we both looked at each other and said, “That’s it!” I looked down at her and she was such a Hattie. So we named her Hattie Margaret. Margaret, after my nanny who was like a second mother to me and had passed”, say Tori.