When Cambridge Nanny Group discover’s a product we love we just have to share it.  You have to check out Metamorphic Toys!  The Everrythingland Mailbox & Eco-Art U-Stick’ems are an art project and toy in one. Children can personalize the mailbox using paints markers and crayons and create patterns or themes using the colorable U-Stick’ems. Kids may choose any eco-friendly glue available or make their own with mom or dad using the enclosed recipe. Gone is the silicone backing sheet common to most stickers, which is NOT recyclable or biodegradable.

The creative imagination of children was the inspiration for Metamorphic Toys. Observing how children use their creativity and imagination to learn, grow and process the world around them they came to realize that this is the natural way children learn.  At Metamorphic Toys they refer to this as “GREEN PLAY” from which their “green toys” take root.  Making toys that foster creativity and imaginative pretend play is the principle upon which their toys have won several awards and enthusiastic reviews.  Being kind to the environment just comes naturally.


The daughter of a product designer and artist inspired the founding of Metamorphic Toys with her creative imagination. As Dave Berglund observed how his daughter and her friends played with the toys he made it was clear that kids are hungry for these kinds of creative simple toys that put them and their incredible imaginations in charge.

Instead of imposing the designers’ imagination on the child, the idea is to let children imprint their imaginations on the toy. By doing this, children create a toy that is personal and important to them. Play that centers on such a toy springs completely from the child’s own imagination.

The Mailbox and Silly Signs are an art project and pretend play toy in one.
Creative expression and imaginative pretend play directed by the child is critical to healthy child development, but it also happens to be incredibly FUN! It is naturally instinctive behavior for children to learn and process the world through creativity and their imaginations. Our toys give kids this opportunity by engaging them with elegant geometric designs that also serve to add structural integrity to the toys.

There is something about three-dimensional objects that kids love to explore. Providing such an object that kids are allowed to experiment with by coloring, gluing, carrying around and playing with is very exciting for them. The Everythingland™ Mailbox, Silly Signs and Eco-Art U-Stick’ems are these kinds of toys.

Metamorphic Toys believes in doing what’s right for children, for our community and the environment. That’s why we are committed to making open-ended toys right here in America using materials and processes that are kind to the environment.