Every month Cambridge Nanny Group highlights a nanny who is setting the bar on private childcare. This December we introduce you to Sheilah a live-in Nanny.

Sheilah’s a live-in nanny in the Lincoln Park neighborhood of Chicago. She cares for three children ages 6 months, 2 and 5. *

“Being a live-in Nanny is the ideal work situation for me.  My goal is to become a pediatric nurse so living expense free allows me to save money to continue my education”, says Sheilah.

Sheilah is committed to providing the best care possible.  “All children need kisses and cuddles, and I want them to feel loved and secure in my company. I also take the children to play sessions and singing classes or any other activity the parents like the children to take part in. I think it’s important that the children start socializing early in life, and to see new places. I also like to be outdoors a lot and often take the children to parks and go on excursions when I can”, says Sheilah.

Working has a nanny is very rewarding but it can also be hard work. “I work more hours than most live-out nannies.  Typically 65+ hours a week, but I like to stay busy”, says Sheilah.

When asked what advice she would give someone seeking a live-in nanny position Sheilah responded.  “Some days are going to be really demanding so it’s really important to take care of yourself.   Eat well, exercise, get proper rest. This is very important if you will be taking care of multiple small children.  I like to hang out with my girlfriends and go shopping or see a movie. I have my own private bedroom and bathroom so some evenings I may watch TV, read, or write in my journal”, explains Sheilah.

“Also, make sure you  get plugged into the Cambridge Nanny Group nanny community.  It’s so helpful to share experiences or just talk with other nannies.  Also, the staff has been so helpful in answering my questions and concerns.  Sometimes I would just call to ask how I should handle a certain situation with the family and they always gave me great advice and support”, says Sheilah.


*Details of  client  family changed to maintain client confidentiality.

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