Human Resource Outsourcing for the Domestic Employee

Vitalize strong employee performance by investing in your household employee.  Leading companies know that human and organizational efforts are key factors of high performance.  Cambridge Nanny Group Institute can be your very own Human Resource department.  Whether or not you’ve hired a nanny through our agency, we can ensure your household employee reaches their maximum potential.

Whether it’s coaching, training, performance management, corrective action, or rewards and recognition, we are here to assist you.  Our experienced Human Resource Professionals serve as your personal HR partner.  We are your go-to experts on all HR issues, e.g., corrective action, development, performance management, performance reviews, and rewards and recognition.

  • It saves you money – You can save on workers compensation costs, unemployment insurance costs, benefits costs, and more…
  • It saves you time.  Let HR professionals take care of proactively influencing your employees.  You tell us the problem, we provide the solution.
  • Improve Productivity and Performance.
  • Improve Morale.
  • Improve communication and prevent conflict and misunderstandings.
  • Improve operating performance.
  • Improve Management and Control.
  • Increase employee safety.  Reduce workers compensation costs by educating your staff and creating safety standards.
  • Acquire innovative ideas.
  • Low Annual Fee of $999.00, which entails unlimited sessions and documentation assistance.

For more information contact the Cambridge Nanny Group Institute at 773-856-5525 or visit the Employee Relations section of the Cambridge Nanny Group Institute.

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