Tis the Season’  for Holiday gift giving.   Want to reward your nanny or domestic employee, but not sure what to give them.  Here are some great tips and gift ideas sure to please. Cheers!


Remember your recipient.  Take note of the person’s style and taste.

Think about giving a gift that someone wouldn’t buy for themselves. Without being extravagant or expensive, a “splurge” item could help your employee relieve stress or make life a little easier.

Give the gift in person. Give the gift in person if you can – it’s always more meaningful. However, never ask someone to open a present in front of you; it could easily create an embarrassing or disappointing situation. If it is not possible to give a gift in person, plan to ship the gift early since so many staffers travel and take vacation toward the end of the year.

Presentation Counts. Pay attention to your gift-wrapping. Take a moment to personalize your gift by using appropriate paper and packaging, and don’t forget to include a hand-written card.

Avoid too personal gifts. How do you determine how to stay within professional boundaries? A good guideline for what to steer clear of is anything that touches the skin…lingerie, fragrances, jewelry, clothing, and anything that requires size, style or color.

Give a gift that is both thoughtful and useful. Simplifying a busy person’s life or updating an outdated staffer with the latest technology will ensure that your gift is appreciated. Presenting someone with a needed gift shows that you’re paying attention.


Cash/Check equivalent to 1-2 weeks of gross pay.  Amount determined by employee’s overall performance.  If this is not in your budget keep reading… we have ideas for every budget.

  • Spa Gift Certificate (Mani/Pedi, Facial, Massage)
  • Standard Movie theater passes
  • Restaurant Gift Certificate
  • Book Store or on-line bookseller Gift Certificate
  • Cash Gifts Bonus (always appreciated)
  • Additional Paid Day(s) off in addition to vacation time.
  • Tickets to sporting Event
  • Tickets to favorite concert
  • Tickets to theater or concert of favorite artist.
  • Electronic items: DVD Player, camera, computer, cell phone, television, iPad etc
  • Plane tickets to visit friends or family
  • Health Club Membership
  • Clothing Store Gift Certificate
  • Jewelry Store  Gift Certificate
  • Grocery Store Gift Certificate (especially helpful for nannies who have their own families)
  • Pre-paid classes: art, pottery, dance, music, tennis, golf, swimming, writing, etc. (This is a perfect gift for a nanny who has always wanted to pursue a particular hobby or learn a new activity.)
  • Collectibles. Perfect gift for a nanny who has a collection, i.e., stamps, books, figurines, dolls, etc.
  • Memory books, scrapbooks, or photo albums prepared by the family.
  • Keepsakes from Children – framed art work, picture , frames, charms, and engraved items.
  • Hand written heartfelt thank you notes from family is always appreciated and timeless.

  • Happy Holidays! 

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