We’re hiring! Whether it’s folks in our office or those in the field, we  hire people based on our company Core Values. At Cambridge Nanny Group, we hire people who genuinely care about people. They delight in making someone’s day. They love learning new things. They are always on the look out for ways to do things better.  They WOW people.

Everyone knows the story of Nordstrom returning a set of tires — even though they don’t sell tires — for the sake of customer service. We’ve heard how Morton’s Steakhouse met someone at the airport, piping hot porterhouse in hand, simply because they jokingly tweeted how nice it would be. These are WOW moments.

Why? These stories get shared. Customers can’t stop talking about it and want all their friends to know. Even better, others are WOWed, too, spurring imitators and encouraging increasingly creative WOW-worthy moments.

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