$250 Grand Prize for Participating in a Focus Group on Nanny Employment! 


Warm Greetings,

Cambridge Nanny Group believes in comprehensive behavioral and data driven recruiting methodologies.   The first step to getting that data – you! We value your opinion to help us better serve our clients.  We also value your time, which is why every participant will recieve a complimentary catered lunch and be entered to win our Grand Prize valued at $250.00

The topic of this research is employment in the Chicago Metro Area. We want to talk with job seekers, employers, employed nannies and retired nannies to gain knowledge of the issue from every side.

Remember, in a focus group your opinion is always the right answer.

So if you’re interested in enjoying a complimentary lunch just for showing up, and a chance to win a $250 Grand Prize, then follow the link below to take our pre-screen survey.Then we’ll let you know if you qualify.

Space is limited, if you think you qualify, sign up now! 

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Focus Group Times

Job Seekers – Friday, November 7 at 6pm

Employers/Hiring Personnel – Tuesday, November 11 at 6pm

Additional questions please email ruby@cambridgenannygroup.com.  Thank you.