Junie B. Jones

by Barbara Park

Barbara Park is a genius – she has completely crawled inside the mind of a very special, kind of demanding, kindergarten girl and continues her adventures in an amazing series of books. It is a wonderful series for beginning readers.

Some of the best memories I have with my children are lying in bed reading stories.  I can remember way back when any book by Dr. Seuss and Goodnight Moon were appropriate,  but now that they have entered preschool and kindergarten they have their own unique interests and tastes on what sparks their imagination.  I’m always looking for great books I may not know about to read to my kids.  Here are a few new discoveries I’d like to share with you.   Cheers!

Andrew Henry’s Meadow

by Doris Burn

Andrew Henry is a super creative kid who builds elaborate machines, creating havoc in a household indifferent to his creative charms. He runs away and quickly finds like-minded kids who construct a kind of creative misfit utopia. This was my husband’s favorite as a child and now our son asks to read it almost every night.

An Awesome Book – by Dallas Clayton

Artist Dallas Clayton published this hardcover book himself and sold out his first run immediately. The title is true! The book reminds you to dream bigger and let your imagination grow. Instead of dreaming about “matching silverware”, dream about “rocket powered unicorns.” Dallas has set up a foundation to promote children’s literacy. For every book sold, he donates a book to a school, hospital, library, camp or shelter.

Meet My Staff

by Patricia Marx (illustrations by Roz Chast)

I don’t remember how my family acquired this book –it just appeared one day, probably at a birthday party , but we are so grateful – it never fails to make us laugh out loud. A little boy describes all the imaginary characters who work for him – the people who eat his vegetables, make his bed, and do his homework.

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