We are always on the look-out for the best date night destinations in the Windy City. In her blog, Gwyneth Paltrow has given a Chicago restaurant named Schwa her stamp of approval. Here is what she had to say about it:

“The absolute highlight of my trip (to Chicago) was eating at Schwa. Chef Michael Carlson and his brother Seth who run it are so punk rock that they don’t even answer the phone, which makes getting a table difficult, yet weirdly fascinating. From the outside, Schwa looks like it has been condemned. Inside, the dining room is small and spare yet cozy. The formality of the service and menu (no orders taken until the whole party arrives, and the elaborate tasting menu) is juxtaposed by all the hot waiters in skater clothes and the blaring hip hop/heavy metal. The food is sublime. We did the 9 course tasting menu, which ranged from a very inventive bourbon Manhattan aperitif to the most unbelievable baked potato soup with crispy potato skin on the side (my favorite) with scallion purée and cheddar cheese. It’s classic American comfort food by way of Ferran Adria/Banksy/Tony Hawk. It’s off the hook.” Gwyneth Paltrow.

If you happen to check it out before we do let us know what you think! Enjoy!

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