Imagine private dining with a professional chef in the comfort of your own home. It  can be your reality. We’re really excited to partner with Kitchit – personal chefs at your service. Kitchit allows Cambridge Nanny Group clients to find great chefs based on factors like event dates, budget, or cuisine. Kitchit is home to many professional chefs, each with a unique profile showcasing his or her food, background, personality, and available services.Whether you’re looking to create a memorable dinner party, a new mother needing nutrient-rich unprocessed meals, or a busy family wanting help with meal preparation  The chefs craft your menu, grocery shops, cooks, serves, and cleans up.

If your time is limited Kitchen can hand pick chefs for you through their signature experience.  Once you’ve found the right chef or experience for your event, send an inquiry. The chef will respond to you via email with a custom menu, incorporating any ideas or ingredients you may have proposed earlier. You and the chef can refine the menu until you’re perfectly satisfied.

Know someone who would love the Kitchit service? Give the gift of Kitchit.   Kitchit gift cards are perfect for foodie friends and new parents.

Available in Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles. Learn more about Kitchit’s offerings by visiting http://www.kitchit.com/.



Ingrid Kellaghan

Founder, Cambridge Nanny Group