June 15, 2015








Dear Nannies and Caregivers,

FLYAROO Fitness specializes in toddler and preschool yoga, dance, and fitness routines that ignite a child’s imagination through structured enrichment programming.  In today’s society, childhood obesity is on parent’s minds as they navigate programs for their little ones. Nannies and babysitters who are certified in fitness programs, specifically for babies – preschoolers – children [up to 5th grade] have a higher advantage of finding a family who values good nutrition and exercise for their children.
​FLYAROO Fitness is a license/certification – they train instructors online and are currently working on an affiliation license for instructors to open their own FLYAROO Fitness locations nationwide.
Benefits for you:
  • Make your own, flexible working schedule
  • Build an income teaching FLYAROO Fitness (​charge up to $100/hr+)​
  • The FLYAROO Fitness certification will be more valuable to healthy families
  • Teach at preschools, camps, birthday parties, while babysitting, & more.
  • Fit and healthy families will be more likely to hire fit and nannies.
  • Nannies and educators will have more credentials to boost their resumes. Those who are FLYAROO Fitness certified can teach the program anywhere in the countryy

To learn more or sign-up click here.  
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Have a FIT day!