Nanny Gift Ideas

July 3, 2014



Your child’s nanny plays a vital role in your child’s physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Families that employ nannies should follow the example of top companies and make efforts to show their appreciation and gratitude for work well done. We’ve all heard stories about excellent nannies who decide to leave their employing family. The departure of a beloved nanny can be incredibly disruptive and heartbreaking, particularly for children who have formed a strong bond with their caregiver. Make an effort to show your nanny that her presence makes the lives of your children immeasurably richer. Nannies who receive consistent and regular gestures of appreciation not only report higher job satisfaction, but they are more likely to stay in their positions long term

Below are several gift ideas that your Nanny may enjoy.. Above all, be sure to take the time to verbally tell your nanny how much she is appreciated. And remember, kind words don’t cost a thing.

  1. Beauty Service at Spa : massage, facial, manicure and pedicure, etc.
  2. Movie theater passes
  3. Restaurant Gift Certificate
  4. Book Store or on-line bookseller Gift Certificate
  5. Cash Gifts Bonus (always appreciated)
  6. Paid Day(s) off in addition to vacation time.
  7. Tickets to sporting Event
  8. Tickets to favorite concert
  9. Tickets to theater or play
  10. Electronic items: DVD Player, camera, computer, cell phone, television,etc.
  11. Jewelry
  12. Plane tickets to visit friends or family
  13. Health Club Membership
  14. Clothing Store Gift Certificate
  15. Grocery Store Gift Certificate (especially helpful for nannies who have their own families)
  16. Pre-paid classes: art, pottery, dance, music, tennis, golf, swimming, writing, etc. (This is a perfect gift for a nanny who has always wanted to pursue a particular hobby or learn a new activity.)
  17. Collectibles. Perfect gift for a nanny who has a collection, i.e., stamps, books, figurines, dolls, etc.
  18. Memory books, scrapbooks, or photo albums prepared by the family.
  19. Keepsakes from Children – framed art work, picture frames, charms, and engraved items
  20. Hand written heartfelt thank you notes from family.