Are first-time parents getting too old?

December 14, 2012
We love Daily Shot with Ali Wentworth!   Have you checked out her daily shot? If not, you should.  In this “shot” she discusses if first-time parents are getting too old?
Daily Shot 12/13/2012

Dream, Pin, and Win!

December 4, 2012


Cleaning Children’s Rooms

December 3, 2012


How clean are your children’s rooms?
Children’s rooms can be a constant headache.   Children tend not to appreciate tidiness with the same relish as you, but you can set a good example, both in your room and theirs!  Of course your shouldn’t let your fastidiousness get in the way of your creativity, but try to encourage them to clean up before moving on to the next activity.
Keeping Toys Tidy
Store toys in a wooden box, or in plastic stackable boxes with lids.  Use different colors for different types of toys, or to denote which toys are whose.
Encourage children to remember their toys to the boxes  at the end of the day so that floors and surfaces are easier to clean.
Keeping Toys Free From Germs
Toys cans be contaminated with bacteria and viruses when children handle them or put them in their mouths,
Plastic toys can be washed in warm soapy water from time to time keep them fresh.   Plastic toys can also go in the dishwasher on a normal wash cycle.
Put soft toys (check the washing instructions) inside a pillowcase, tie a knot in the top and pop into the washing machine on a delicate wash cycle.
You can freshen soft toys by popping them into a paper sack with a little baking soda and shaking gently.  Leave for a couple of hours, then vacuum the powder gently away.
If soft toys cannot be washed, wiped over the pile gently with a very slightly damp soapy cloth, followed by a clean cloth.  Dry with a hairdryer if necessary.